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Project Supra Mark IV

Toyota Supra Mark IV

Welcome to project Supra Mark IV. MotoIQ's goal? To put together a reliable and streetable 800 WHP Supra.

Part 1 - More Strength, Less Weight
JE Pistons asymmetrical pistons, K1 Technologies H-beam forged steel rods, ARP stud conversion.

Part 2 - More Lubrication, Good Vibrations
Fluidampr crank damper, Boost Logic modified factory oil pump.

Part 3 - The Cylinder Head
Titan Motorsport camshafts, Ferrea dual valve springs.

Part 4 - Let's Flow Some Air!
Precision 6766 dual ball bearing turbocharger, Hypertune intake manifold, Powerhouse Racing S45 exhaust manifold.

Part 5 - Keeping Cool Under Pressure
Swain Tech White Lightning thermal coating, Thermotec Cool It wraps, sleeves and shields, Cylinder head mating, ARP Custom Age Plus 625 head studs.

Part 6 - Build Update
Walbro 485 LPH E85-compatible fuel pumps, Powerhouse Racing billet timing belt tensioner bracket, heavy-duty Gates Racing belts.

Part 7 - Intercooling - More than Just "Bigger is Badder"
ETS 4-in intercooler kit, Precision Turbo TiAL "Q" blow-off valve.

Part 8 - Fuel and Engine Breather Systems
Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc low-impedance injectors, Hypertune fuel rail, PHR engine breather.

Part 9 - Up and Running!
PHR aluminum radiator, dual Flex-a-lite puller fans, AEM dry filter, BFG Rival tires, TEIN Electronic Damping Force Controller, Royal Purple fluids, NGK Iridium IX spark plugs, Aeromotive fuel components.

Part 10 - 800whp?
Component breakdown, dyno results.

Part 11 - Interior upgrades
Instrument cluster updates, Trim panel cleanup.

Part 12 - Corbeau
Corbeau black RRB adjustable seats featuring Jacquard Cloth.

Part 13 - kNarly Nardy
Nardi "Challenge" steering wheel, new Stu Hagen gauges, Speedhut boost gauge.

Part 14 - Turbo Upgrade
Precision Turbo Gen2 PT6870 CEA turbo, fresh NGK Iridium IX plugs.

Part 15 - Turbo Testing
Race Ramps hook-nosed rack ramps, Braille battery, Denso Designer-Style wiper blades.