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Project E46 BMW M3

SparkPlugs.com and MotoIQ partner up in the tech-hungry site's much anticipated Project E46 BMW M3!


Part 1 - Tune & Test

Check out how the BMW improves its performance using NGK iridium plugs, Liqui Moly cleaners and additives, and a Macht Schnell Intake.  


Part 2 - Cat-back Exhaust & Pulleys

Cat-back exhaust system by Corsa and power pulley kit from VAC Motorsport = better sound, less weight and more power. 


Part 3 - Headers, Software, Dyno

Can they reach the 100whp/liter goal? 


Part 4 - Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires shed a few pounds. Stabilizer bars get a swap.


Part 5 - Brakes.  BIG Brakes!


Part 6 - AEM Infinity EMS

Long live the ECU. Sounds like a good excuse for the dream EMS.


Part 7 - Magnaflow vs. Corsa Cat-back Exhaust

Will the quest for peace sacrifice performance?


Part 8 - EML Light Fixed!

The case of the EML light has been solved!  Re-start with fresh fluids and plugs.


Part 9 - Simple Interior Upgrades

Enhancing the overall driving experience in a single afternoon.


Part 10 - Exterior Upgrades 

A cleaner, subtle, yet agressive look.


Part 11 - Castro Motorsport Airbox Install

Step-by-step installation, with 8-12.5hp gains on the dyno.


Part 12 - Front Wheel Alignment and Ignition Switch Repair


Part 13 - Lightweight is (Almost) Always Better

Clutch Masters upgrade with aluminum flywheel sheds almost 12 pounds!


Part 14 - Short Shifter Install

And dyno results from recent clutch upgrade.


Part 15 - Scorpion Exhaust System

E46 sheds another 20 pounds.


Part 16 - Koyorad Radiator Install


Part 17 - AEM Tune by MKC

Radiator upgrade allows for consistent dyno runs while testing a custom, 4 brand exhaust system. Wiper blade and cabin air filter replacement.


Part 18 - Proving Grounds

E46 M3 + 34WHP -90lb = Stock E90 M3?