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Using the Reverse Engineering Tool

Are you an engine builder in need of the perfect spark plug? Do you know the dimensions of the air filter you're looking for to fit a custom airbox? Want to find a wiper blade just by using the length needed?  Our reverse-engineering tool is exactly what you're looking for.  For select product types, simply enter the specifications you need to match, and you're provided with a list of all parts that match.

To access the reverse engineering tool, click on the "Search by Dimensions: Advanced Tuners/Engine Builders Section" button on our home page.

Reverse Engineer Link


Select the appropriate part type from the drop-down menu. We'll use spark plugs in our example.

Reverse Engineer Part Type


Next, enter the specifications that you require.  The more information you enter, the more exact your search results will be.  Fields with an asterisk are required. Once all required fields are populated, the search button will become active.

Reverse Engineer Spark Plug


You can continue to adjust the specifications to filter the results. To add an additional filter, just make a selection from a drop-down menu and press the search button again.  To remove or change a filter, adjust the selection on a drop-down to "Select All".  The results will be removed until you complete your adjustments and press the search button again.

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