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Customer Testimonials

“Everything was pretty logical and well thought out. I'm sure I'll be a long time repeat customer.”
- Ty, Colorado [April, 2019]
“Good layout of the site that is easy to navigate. The multiple photos of the spark plugs are a nice feature. Prices very competitive. Well done!”
- James, Michigan [March, 2019]
“These coil packs for my 2004 Mach 1 Mustang were delivered the next day as requested. They were packaged carefully and showed up at my home in perfect condition. I gapped the plugs at 0.044", added a little bit of dielectric grease on the plug, installed both components without any problems, then fired up the engine. It runs smooth, no misfiring or stumbling and pulls hard up through 6,500 rpm! Thank you very much for providing my muscle car with high quality parts to keep it healthy and running hard, like a Mustang should!”
- Mark, Arizona [February, 2019]
“Nice, fast and easy!”
- Dustin, Texas [January, 2019]
“I found what I was looking for quickly. The site was well designed and easy to navigate. Thank you for your exceptional standards of excellence in both your products and your customer service experience.”
- Dustin, Texas [January, 2019]
“Looking up the Part(s) that I needed was easy. I like the way they were explained. My application could have used one of three choices listed. Of course, only one was the proper one for my vehicle. Ordering was easy enough and when I called and spoke with a customer service representative, he was very friendly and gave me even more insight on how to be sure that I was buying the proper item(s). I hope I don't need to buy here often, but when I need special Toyota parts, this is the only place I'll shop. Thank you.”
- Gordon, Kentucky [January, 2019]
“Great Service and rapid delivery! Thank you for the free gift.”
- Anthony, California [January, 2019]
“Very Good!”
- Arnold, Kentucky [January, 2019]
“Excellent delivery and price on my Laser Iridium plugs. They were packed well too in a box instead of a padded envelope.”
- Romeo, South Dakota [December, 2018]
“The web page is very friendly and quick. I found the part very easily.”
- Ricardo, Florida [November, 2018]
“Exceeds my expectations. Excellent website for ease of navigation. Had everything I required and more. Well done, 100% satisfied. Thank you for an awesome shopping experience.”
- Daniel, Canada [October, 2018]
“Easy to order and fast to ship.👍”
- Marzec, Ohio [October, 2018]
“Happy to get these plugs in stock…Fast process with fast shipping in 3 days.”
- Khalid, Dubai [October, 2018]
“Good price. Easy shopping. Thanks.”
- Michael, Maine [October, 2018]
“This was my first time ordering from your site…It was a breeze!!! Very user friendly. I also came in looking for these sensors and let me tell you, when I found out that I could order these in place of a Mopar part, I was over-joyed!!! I will keep you all in mind for our Jeep parts to come. Thank you for having a great online store!!!”
- Cecilia,Texas [October, 2018]
“Outstandingly fast shipping.”
- Richard, Maine [September, 2018]
“Very professional company and fast free shipping on new and original NGK coils. Thank you.”
- John, Florida [August, 2018]
“Great site. Ease of use is fantastic.”
- Paul, New York [August, 2018]
“I was able to type in a part number and bring up exactly what I needed without hassle. Keep up the good work!”
- Alec, Wisconsin [August, 2018]
“Super fast shipping!”
- Penuelas, Puerto Rico [July, 2018]
“Relay arrived quickly, well packaged and correct part!”
- William, Maryland [July, 2018]
“Quick & easy. Accepts PayPal, no issues.”
- Sam, Nevada [June, 2018]
“Thank you! I really appreciate that you included the free t-shirt with my purchase! The plugs and package arrived fast and free of damage. Thanks again and I look forward to future transactions.”
- Devon, Wisconsin [June, 2018]
“Your ordering system is easy and straight forward. You have a product I can't find elsewhere (Champion 8814). If this order arrives in a timely fashion I'll be back again.”
- Mark, New York [June, 2018]
“The experience was exemplary. If all on-line ordering websites were as simple, life would be so much more straightforward.”
- Mary, Tasmania [June, 2018]
“Great experience. Great service. My order arrived fast. I am going to use again.”
- Glen, New York [May, 2018]
“Very easy!!!! Thanks.”
- Fred, Arkansas [May, 2018]
“Easy to navigate page, OEM parts for my subbie.”
- Jonathan, New York [May, 2018]
“Aloha, thanks very much to your associate, who's information was golden. Very fast to get in touch with your technical department.”
- Nui, Hawaii [April, 2018]
“A real breeze. Simple and fast. It's great using PayPal!”
- Mark, New Jersey [April, 2018]
“Thank you. Very easy to find the right plugs and to place an order.”
- Henry, Oregon [April, 2018]
“Coil plugs received in perfect condition. Thanks.”
- Daniel, Malta [April, 2018]
“Seamless ordering. Fast shipping and quality parts.”
- Tom, Colorado [April, 2018]
“Very easy to order the spark plugs I wanted. Will order them again when needed.”
- Michael, Ohio [March, 2018]
“ has quality brand name parts at great prices and shipping is very fast. Very happy with my shopping experience and will be ordering again in the future!”
- Benjamin, California [March, 2018]
“Great service. Spoke with a tech today who was very helpful.”
- Mark, New Jersey [March, 2018]
“Super easy and fast. Took all of about a minute to complete checkout.”
- Gary, Colorado [March, 2018]
- Kevin, Wisconsin [March, 2018]
“Easy to order parts for my T-100 from your website. Thanks, keep up the good work.”
- Ersal, South Carolina [March, 2018]
“So far, excellent! Glad I found you! Before ordering I spoke with a tech who assured me I was ordering the correct item. Thank you!”
- Paul, New York [February, 2018]
“Easy online store to deal with.”
- Sam, Arizona [February, 2018]
“Thanks for the easy shopping experience and the prompt delivery.”
- Ross, New Zealand [February, 2018]
“It's so easy and no problems.”
- Jerry, California [February, 2018]
“Absolutely excellent.”
- Luis, Florida [February, 2018]
“5 Stars!”
- Jose, Puerto Rico [February, 2018]
“Thanks for making a friendly, east to use system!”
- Peter, New Zealand [January, 2018]
“Finally a business that understands that some of us use alphanumeric part numbers.”
- Joe, California [January, 2018]
“It was a pleasant experience shopping with you!”
- Mike, Colorado [January, 2018]

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