Denso 475-7503 Expansion Device

SKU #475-7503
ITEM #DEN475-7503

Item has been discontinued. This product may be used as a replacement:

Denso 475-2008 Expansion Device

SKU #475-2008

ITEM #DEN475-2008

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  • OE Equivalents
    OE# 80220-ST7-A01, 80220-ST7-A02, 80220-ST7-A03, 80220-ST7-A11, 80220-ST7-A12
  • Description
    Expansion devices separate the suction and discharge sides of an automobile's A/C system, regulating the flow of liquid refrigerant through the evaporator unit. Expansion devices and orifice tubes are critical components to the functionality of an A/C system. Denso's expansion devices are precision built to make refrigerant flow more precise and offer excellent reliability for better evaporator control.
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    • BrandDenso
    • TypeAngle valve
    • Warranty12 Months
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