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Built with Denso

52 auto makers have chosen Denso as an OE equipment provider on over 880 vehicle models for the last 50 years. With many OE parts available to the aftermarket, vehicle owners can select Denso replacement parts to maintain the OE quality they expect from their vehicles - at a fraction of the dealer cost. 


Check out this feedback on cost savings from fellow customers, and see all the products Denso offers for your own vehicle.

"Your price was a fraction of the dealer for the same exact AC unit." - Curtis, CA

"Half the price compared to the dealer, and about 25% less compared to chain stores." - Thomas, PA

“I stumbled across this website by accident. Where have you been for the last 12 years I've owned my Toyota Matrix? I could have saved some serious dough by purchasing cabin filters direct from you instead of the dealer. The cabin air filter has the same sturdiness and construction as the one you get from the dealer. This isn't a cheap-knock off. The dealer wants $40 for it. For $10 you shipped it to my house and I replaced it in 5 minutes.” - Chris, TN

"Your oxygen sensor prices are about half the price at the dealer." - Tom


A/C Compressors - OE on over 400 vehicles


Air Filters

Air/Fuel Sensors


Cabin Air Filters

Camshaft Sensors

Coil on Plug Boots

Condensers - OE on over 80 models

Coolant Temp Sensors

Crankshaft Sensors

Direct Ignition Coils

Evaporators - OE on over 50 models

Expansion Devices - OE on over 70 models

Fuel Pumps

Fuel Tank Senders

Ignition Wires

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensors

Mass Air Flow Sensors

Oil Filters

Oxygen Sensors


Spark Plugs


TPMS Sensors

TPMS Maintenance Kits

Wiper Blades

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