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Bosch Spark Plug Features

Graphite/Metal/Glass Resistors

Bosch's graphite/metal/glass fused resistor provides a more consistent resistive value than pre-manufactured resistors. Some electronic ignition systems are especially sensitive and require higher quality resistors for proper ignition "feedback".


Mono vs. Binary Ground Electrodes

Bosch spark plugs with mono ground electrodes contain the same material throughout the entire electrode.  Mono nickel-yttrium ground electrodes, for example, are a continuous blend of nickel-yttrium.

Bosch spark plugs with binary ground electrodes contain 2 distinct metals, such as a copper core electrode covered in nickel-yttrium.


Pyranit Ceramic

Bosch's pyranit ceramic is a specially formulated high shock insulator with three distinct benefits:

1) Superior resistance to deposits within the combustion chamber, reducing bridging. 

2) Enhanced heat transfer capability which quickly removes the heat from the center electrode out to the metal shell and on to the engine head. 

3) Prevents core nose tracking and misfires due to current leakage from the center electrode to the metal shell.